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Welcome to the ultimate short-term loan site! Here, you'll find out-of-this world advice on making sure you get the best deal possible when it comes to the thorny world of online borrowing. We have a five-year mission...no, wait, that's somebody else with that. We want to make sure that you get the most up to date and accurate information on borrowing.

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Why did we call it what we did? See, we like us some science fiction and cash advances. It may seem stupid, but we want you to be well informed when it comes time to hit up the local or online place that can give you a short-term loan. You'll want to know what their terms are, what the lenders expect to hear from you, and that's why we exist. Our pages go over how to apply, what they're looking for, etc. Going in and knowing what you're doing is a lot better than just blindly trusting anyone. Like Chris Carter said on The X-Files: trust no one.

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You'll want to explore our entire resource - we link to a few trusted sites that we ourselves have personally vetted for your use. Click on links, fill out forms, and learn about what our lenders can offer you! Oh, and if you are on Arcturus VIII anytime soon, stop by K'rrrkts's Pub in the south side of the capital city. Tell the bartender the Payday Loan Planet posse says hello and we will pay our bar tab sometime soon.